Four winners of the 2013 Young Archie art prize announced today. There were 467 entries.

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Young Archie 2013

Today the Gallery also announced the four winners of the 2013 Young Archie art prize. There were 467 entries.

  • 5-8 year category Liam Williamson (7)
  • 9-12 year category  Archibald Hyles (10)
  • 13-15 year category Max Fontaine (13)
  • 16-18 year category Angela Yang (17)

This is my favourite. What’s yours?

winner archie prize Joseph Lim

2013 People’s Choice

vincent fantauzzo asher keddie

Vincent Fantauzzo wins the 2013 Archibald People’s Choice for Love Face, a portrait of his sweetheart, actor Asher Keddie.