Hi Judith,   I hope you are well! I apologize for the late reply, there was lots going on with Give Me 5 last week, so I have been in and out of the office. Animal Magnetism was a huge hit!! It caused quite the bidding war, the first winning bidder put up $1050 and then decided that he would simply donate this amount and then put the work back up for auction to raise more funds for Give Me 5. The second winning bidder donated $800 for the work! This means that all together the beautiful work and its touching story raised $1850.00 towards Give Me 5 For Kids! It was the work that raised the most funds by far. I would like to thank you and your wonderful family for sharing your story and donating your work. We are so thrilled to have you as a part of this great cause. Gold FM looks forward to working with you in making Give Me 5 For Kids a great success once again in the future. Kind Regards – Holly Erickson (Promotions Co-ordinator – Sea FM / Gold FM)

Hi Judith, This is to let you know that the emus have finally arrived in Connecticut!! They must have gone via the South Pole! My daughter just loves them – it was such a surprise, just as I hoped. Thanks for your help.Best regards – Meryl McGill

Hi Judy,  Just a quick note to say thank you for your amazing assistance in getting the two paintings delivered to me at work. And …….. Your attention to detail in going the extra mile and gift wrapping the paintings is so much appreciated. My husband’s birthday is on Tuesday so I am sure that he will be very pleased with these items. Outstanding all around, so many thanks. Kind Regards – Susanna Laurens

I am a huge fan of the prints, and was interested in knowing if there ever was any more in the series?? If there is any more in the series, I would definitely be interested in purchasing them. Its the first time in the 5 years since they were purchased that I actually found your site!! – Adam Nardi

Hi Judith, My husband Anthony and myself enjoyed meeting you and parents on Saturday night very much. Yesterday I picked up our new oil painting, Joyful Promise, one of your originals. I just finished hanging it over our upstairs lounge suite, and just love walking past and looking at it. It reminds me of being in Paris very much. – Anthony and Gina Kingston

Hi, Thanks for the contact.  Yes, the pieces arrived in perfect order.  Paid the GST at this end and all is well. Very happy with our purchase.- Bruce & Pauline Capbell

Good morning, My name is Cameron Hall and I bought a print from you in early January.  I just want to let you know how happy I am with it and that it is now proudly displayed in my sitting room.  You happily mailed the print to my residence in Point Cook, Victoria and was received in good order. Once again, I love the print and look forward to visiting your gallery next January. Please find attached two pictures of the print as it is now presented. Thank you – Cameron Hall.

Hi Judy, Yes thank you we received the painting Thursday afternoon. Thank you for all your help. It is already hanging in our bedroom and thanks for the extra hooks. – Con & Mary

Hi Judith, Just wanted to let you know we have received the painting & have it on the all in just the right spot. WE LOVE IT. The more we look at it, the light, the depth of colour, the light of the sand dunes, it is quite alluring, it appears 3 dimensional on certain angles. We have been catching each other staring at it, and either one of us has said every time we walk in the door, or come into the room how much we love it. Thank you. Definately our fav!!! – Dani Limback

Hi Judith,Sorry for the late reply i have only just been back to my clients house but they love their new prints! I have taken a photo for your reference. Many thanks for all your help. Kind Regards – Danielle 

We both love the animals especially the emu with attitude! Alls well that ends well, thanks for the wonderful art works. We will see you next year for sure. – Gary and Debbie

Hi Judith…I see we have some mutual friends) I bought a nice picture that you painted the other day – Mixed Bouquet – loved it!! – Matt Murphy

Hi – they look glorious!! Have left the black frame for the time being – we may expand to the gold frame as you had in time but not sure – the rooms is really black and grey so introducing gold may look a bit weird… See you soon. – will copy you in… Cheers – Frances & Paul Cornelius

Hello, I am Gail Goestenkors and I have purchased three paintings from you in past years. I had purchased “Sugarcane Burning” while in Australia several years ago. I lost it in my divorce and would like to buy it again if possible. I saw it online and am hoping I can buy the Medium print and have it sent to my new address at Austin, Texas. Take care! – Gail Goestenkors

Dear Judy, Thank you so much for the wonderful pieces of art!! We love both of them, and we haven’t stopped looking at them!!! They bring joy to our day!!! I will also take a few of the other piece and email them too. Again, thank you so much to you and your dad. Cheers – George & Kathy Boburka

Good morning Judith,   We had a very excited call from Melissa to let us know that her art work had arrived and that you had helped with their placement. Thank you for  your help with our purchases, we are looking forward to the day when we can hang them in our new home. (not until next year). We really appreciate and enjoy the work your family creates. We will forever be your number one fan. Many thanks & kind regards –Lorraine Gray

Hi Judy,  Just to let you know that painting has arrived safely and is now hanging on my lounge wall. Very happy with it. Thanks for all your assistance, Rregards – Jock Ferguson

Dear Judith,    Your beautiful painting has arrived and it is now on my lounge room wall.  It is just what I wanted and you have achieved a wonderful result.  I just love it. I love the way you have done the tablecloth with the collage behind it. It is so very effective. The flowers are magnificent and I knew they would be. You are a very talented artist, Judith.  Sadly, my other works of art don’t match up to it and I’m thinking whether the rather small room can handle another painting! I will let you know Judith. I have been looking at your other paintings on the website and I like what you have, there.  I will have to look at the bank account!  It was a pleasure meeting and corresponding with you Judith. Back to the painting—  I am getting used to it’s  white border in this cream room.  I think a cream border would have been better.  The white border looks very stark. Kind Regards and many thanks – Julie Millett 

Hi Judith,   Many thanks for your assistance.  We are extremely happy with the artwork and it matches the office perfectly.  Please let your mum know that she is more than welcome to drop in and see the hung paintings at any time.  It would be really nice to meet her and pass on our compliments in person. Kind Regards – Josh Dimon

Hi Judy,  Just received and opened the pictures, they are even better than we remembered and we now can’t wait to take them to France where we think they will look fabulous and give us much pleasure. Thanks again for your help in choosing them, it was really nice meeting you and your children and I am sure we will meet again in the future. Regards – Lorraine & Malcolm Brand