All giclee canvas prints are the absolute highest quality art reproductions available today.

The 1st class combination:

  • Photography
  • Canvas
  • Ink

The Process

Modern computer technology and advances in the printing process have resulted in a revolution in the world of artistic printmaking and a change in the preferred way for galleries and publishers to make reproduction prints.

The Giclee process uses extremely fine droplets of ink that are transferred with incredible precision to heavy water-colour paper or canvas. Computer technology ensures that these droplets produce a resolution that is significantly finer than that obtained by conventional printing. The process can take over one hour to complete and results in a superb quality of the print.

The Giclee process captures the integrity of the original painting with ultimate accuracy and the reproduction of the work onto the finest quality acid-free cotton ensures archival quality (lasting up to 95 years without any discernable fading on paper and 60+ years on canvas).

cameraArtwork is scanned using a German built flatbed scanner, only one of its kind in Australia.

The canvas we use is premium quality.

Every roll of canvas is 100% visually inspected under special lighting by quality control personnel for imperfections.

cotton canvas

The inks used are the most advanced, lightfast inks available today.

The Ink is a resin coated pigment ink that achieves superb colour expression and light-fastness rating of up to 45 years. Each pigment particle has an extremely smooth and uniform resin coating that polymerise on the canvas to create a smooth and uniform coating which promotes superior light reflection.

Micro Encapsulation Technology guarantees superbly sharp image reproduction and colour vibrancy along with marked improvements in light and water resistance.

Each reproduction is individually signed and numbered by the artist on the back. These reproductions are made with an extra 50mm band of colour, to stretch around a timber frame for an attractive, ready to hang finish.(canvas wrap)

Dalozzo Art Canvas Editions are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.