Beyond Imagination

Lucette DalozzoExploring ones vivid imagination and understanding the essence of dreams is Lucette Dalozzo’s distinction in Art. Vibrant, intense and enchanting are just a few ways to describe her compositions, combining oils, acrylics and inks into a symphony of hypnotic melodies; From music to dreams, Lucette possesses a unique method of interpretation and understanding, bringing to light the finer details one might ordinarily miss. “The canvas is a mirror.” Lucette contemplates, so many of my dreams and visions inspire my strokes.

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Vibrant, intense and enchanting are just a few ways to describe Lucette Dalozzo’s compositions, which have been collected by art enthusiasts and investors the world over. Lucette was born in Belgium and it was here she mastered the fundamentals of art at the “Academy of Fine Art,” Mons. After marrying her husband Louis and eager to travel, they both embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever.

Australia was a golden thread that Lucette used to weave her artistic penchant. She quickly became recognised for her Romantic Impressionism that drew art enthusiasts world wide. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s she exhibited in the USA, French Polynesia, Belgium and every state in Australia. She was represented by the Australian and Swiss Embassy’s in Brussels, the Consul General for Belgium in Sydney, Countess D’Outremont, Belgium, Sir Barnaby Joyce Collection, Sydney, Danny Larue and copious private and corporate collections worldwide.

Now, some years later Lucette’s paintings reflect her subconscious, “My mind is the studio,” she says adding, “My eyes feast on what the world has to offer. I sleep and let my dreams cast their magic, then use my hands as the vehicle of expression.” During the last few years Lucette’s choice of medium has become more elaborate, combining oils, acrylics and inks into a symphony of multimedia. It would be true to state there is an astonishing diversity of styles, techniques and themes that have entered the boundaries of modern Art and this in itself is one of the reasons Lucette’s work is so highly applauded.

She is a master of expression and has captured emotions and sensations while immersed in the hypnotic melodies of the classical composers such as Mozart and Chopin; she had literally meditated on these intricate harmonies so that she could “Paint to the music”.

From music to dreams, Lucette posses’s a unique method of interpretation and understanding, bringing to light the finer details one might ordinarily miss. There is still a wealth of inspiration circulating the depths of Lucette’s imagination, which leaves you delightfully eager for her next masterpiece.

“Ainsi Va La Vie” is my way of life, my drug and my passion. I live and breathe it. I see art as an exploration. It’s a journey into the unknown. I am constantly in search of myself more than anything else, I get stimulation from the changes in my life. In this series I wanted to convey a ‘spiritual’ message of hope, strength and freedom and the best way for me to do this was through abstract and semi abstract forms of expression. It has a very special place in my heart. “In short, all good things are wild and free.”


2006 | Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
2005 | Ronald Coles Galleries, Sydney
2003 | European Escapade, DaLozzo Art Gallery, Gold Coast
2002 | Major Exhibition, DaLozzo Art Gallery, Sydney
2001 | Unveiled, Dalozzo Art Gallery, Gold Coast
2001 | Major Exhibition, DaLozzo Art Gallery, Sydney
2000 | DaLozzo Art Gallery, Sydney
1999 | DaLozzo Art Gallery, Gold Coast
1998 | DaLozzo Art Gallery, Gold Coast
1997 | DaLozzo Art Gallery, Gold Coast
1995 | Studio Gallery, Gold Coast
1994 | Trilogy, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
1993 | Western Gallery, Toowoomba
1992 | Le Surf Hotel, New Caledonia
1991 | Le Surf Hotel, New Caledonia
1989 | Downs Gallery, Toowoomba
1988 | Regency Gallery, Gold Coast
1988 | Cultural Centre, Belgium
1987 | Hossier Gallery, Brisbane
1987 | Masure Gallery, Belgium
1986 | Hossier Gallery, Brisbane
1984 | Art Plus Gallery, Brisbane
1983 | Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
1983 | L’Encadrerie Gallery, New Caledonia
1982 | Studio Z Gallery, Adelaide
1981 | Australian Galleries, Hobart
1981 | Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
1981 | Cultural Centre, Belgium
1980 | DeGouden Hoorn, Halle, Belgium
1980 | Brighton Gallery, Melbourne
1980 | Saint Germain, Brussels, Belgium
1980 | Alfican Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1979 | L’Escalier Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1978 | Strawberry Hill Gallery, Sydney


2022 | Stuartholme Exposition Des Beaux-Arts, Toowong, Brisbane
2021 | Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
2020 | Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
2018 | Cats The exhibition, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
2016 | Artist Of The Month September, Montville Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast
2016 | An Afternoon With The Dalozzo’s Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
2016 | New York State Of Art Dalozzo Art Gallery, Sanctuary Cove
2016 | Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
2014 | Directors Choice, Moulton Galleries, Sydney
2014 | Featured Artist, Montville Art Gallery, Montville
2014 | Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
2013 | Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular (invitation only)
2013 | Featured Artist, Montville Art Gallery, Montville
2013 | Winters Dance, Cooks Hill Gallery, Sydney
2012 | Moulton Galleries, Sydney
2012 | Art Expo, Brisbane
2011 | Dimensions NC Feature Artist, Nudgee College, Brisbane
2011 | Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
2011 | Breaking the Boundaries, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
2009 | Woman of Substance, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
2008 | Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
2005 | Still Life, Nudes, The Kimberleys, DaLozzo Art Gallery, Sydney
2005 | Romantic Impressionism, Moulton Galleries, Sydney
2003 | Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast
2000 | Silhouette Imagineaire, DaLozzo Art, Gold Coast
1996 | Crafters Gallery, Gold Coast
1996 | Trois peintres trois styles, Arte Bello Gallery, New Caledonia
1989 | “Banco Fine art exhibit” Moree Gallery, Moree
1988 | Queensland Fine Art Auctioneers
1987 | Visions Gallery, Gold Coast
1986 | Design Centre, LA, USA
1985 | Top Spot Gallery, Noosa
1980 | Australian Club Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
1979 | Art Gallery Alpha, Sunshine Coast


2012 | Just Nudes, Ipswich Arts Society 3rd prize
2012 | Moreton Bay Art Awards Finalist
2011 | Gainsborough Greens Art Award
1980 | Sunshine Coast Art Award 3rd Prize


Australian Associated Brokers, Sydney
Australian Embassy, Belgium
Bahai Temple, Brisbane
Bank of Queensland, Southport
Bartercard Australia, Gold Coast
Belgian Consulate, Sydney
Belgian Consul general, Sydney
Biarritz Apartments, Gold Coast
Breakfree Resort “Wings”, Gold Coast
Business Catalyst International, Sydney
Chaparral Australia, Victoria
Choice Personnel Martin Place, Sydney
Classic Blue Computers, Brisbane
CML Insurance, Adelaide
Courtyard Marriott, Gold Coast
Force One Enterprises, Brisbane
Genesis Medical, Sydney
Gold Coast Infolink, Gold Coast
Kurrawa Surf Lifesaving Club, Gold Coast
Mercedes Noumea, New Caledonia
Oceania Broadbeach, Gold Coast
Protein Technologies International, Sydney
Raidbore Australia Pty Ltd, Adelaide
Reckitt Benckiser, Sydney
Taha Al Fahim, Abu Dhabi
Tom Tate (Mayor) Gold Coast


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2001 | “Gold Coast Lifesaving Paradise 1”, Gold Coast City Council
1990 | “90th Anniversary tribute to Picnic at Hanging Rock”, Westminster China Australia

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