Adding colour to your room.

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modern room with a wall art

This modern home just needed the right artwork to give it that extra something. Here we went for “Sugarcane Burning” to warm up those cold wintery nights.

sugarcane burning wall art

“Sugarcane Burning.” A  great splash of colour and warmth to the dining room area. Ready to go up in the stairwell wall is “Ainsi Va La Vie  54”

Triptych 3 panel artwork

The 3 panel triptych of “Ainsi Va La Vie 54” covers a large area leading up the stairwell. It adds a touch of class and colour.

Emus in the living room

Add a quirky yet neutral feel to the living area with “Animal Magnetisme 19” & “Emus.” Even though they aren’t the same shape as they are from the same series they work well together.

bold stockman in drysabones

“Stockman 3” & “Stocman 4” resting in the media room. Adding a little male touch here.

before shot of wall

The Before Shot. This room was defiantly missing something. The client was given many snapshots with various images and finally went with the boats.

boat race art on the wall

The After shot. What a difference the right artwork can make.

My tips when choosing art for a room:

1/ Buy art you love and can help inspire you to finish a room.

2/ Consider the size of your wall.

3/ Work with the colour scheme of the room. Mind you this can be changed easily.

4/  Use the artwork to inspire your theme/subject matter/colour scheme.

5/ Hang the artwork at eye level.