Lucette’s pointers for working in series

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Lucette’s pointers for working in series
Lucette’s Additional pointers for working in series:
1- Decide what you want your body of work to be about, either early on in the series or before you even start. The more specifically you’re able to define, quantify and outline your intentions, the more focused and directed you become, and the more unified the works will ultimately be.
2- If you’re not sure whether you want to go in a partic…ular direction with multiple works, rather than producing finished pieces right from the start, sketch out various ideas for compositions first. See whether they hold your interest individually or as a group, whether they’re worth following up on, or whether you need to rethink what you’re doing.
3- For those of you who prefer or insist on making different kinds of art, work on several series simultaneously.
4- Once you finalize the ideas behind your art, stick with them. This isn’t always easy, but forcing yourself to maintain a high level of focus and discipline without getting distracted keeps you totally involved in the outcome. An unwavering intensity of engagement is always evident in a successful body of work. 5- More importantly, Enjoy what you do.

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