From the Studio of… Judith Dalozzo

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We are excited to share with you this peek into the life and studio of artist Judith Dalozzo.

in action

Favorite material to work with? Old music sheets. They add unexpected depth and a great reason to travel to Paris to collect them.

What is your medium? I use Chroma Archival Oils mixed with lots of smooth gel medium to accelerate drying time.. I tend to use a lot of Modelling Paste to build texture.

What themes do you pursue? I really enjoy composing imaginary still life scenes with everyday objects but every now and then I feel the need to let loose and create an abstract.

Studio wall

How many years as an artist? I graduated in 1994 at the École supérieure des Arts Mons, and painting for at least one major exhibition a year since 1991. My first oil painting though was at the age of 9 in my mothers studio and it was a still life with a jar and grapes framed with a beautiful pink laquered frame.

Most important tool you use? It has to be without a doubt my ruler and flat plastic pallet knife.

Oil palette

Where is your studio? In the beautiful marine village at Sanctuary Cove, QLD.

Favorite eats? It depends on my mood, but nothing can beat a home cooked meal at my parents place.

Studio/Gallery at Sanctuary Cove QLD

What was the best advice given to you as an artist? “Believe in yourself, work hard and enjoy what you do.”

What’s around the corner from your place? The beach, and a handy 7/11.

A piece of art you love? Francis Bacon’s triptych painting.

francis bacon triptych NSW Art Gallery

Prefer to work with music or in silence? With music. I have a cd of Italian opera and classic music which i never get tired of.

Where can we find you outside the studio? I have 2 beautiful boys, so they keep me busy with soccer matches, music recitals and birthday parties.

If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you do? I’ve always said if art didn’t work out then i would be a florist and have my own floral boutique.

What do you collect? I have never stopped collecting Art & Australia magazines. I still have some editions missing  but i’m always on the hunt in old book and antique stores. I could order them online but half the fun is finding them and ticking them off my list.

Food or Sleep? No doubt, both.

fancis bacon wall

How cleanly do you work? I try to keep my studio as clean as possible. Sometimes it’s impossible. I need to see where everything is, the opposite to my mother. She paints her best works in dissorder.

Do you have any trinkets or photos of friends in your studio? I have a small collection of minature china vases, paintings everywhere, and a selection of postcards and images from my trip to the Francis Bacon exhibition at AGNSW…

Traditional or Conceptual? The medium I work in is traditional,  the ’”themes” as well, but there is a conceptual side of my works.

Judith Dalozzo