Artist of the Month for May

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Judith Dalozzo

montville art gallery

Born in Adelaide in 1971, Judith’s childhood consisted of bohemian treks around Australia with her parents.  “The stark light and vivid colours of nature were my initial inspirations.” Judith inherited her parent’s talent for fine art and cultivated her interest with further travels to the United States, Canada and Europe.   Judith attended the ‘Ecole Superieur D’Art Plastique et Visuel’ in Mons, Belgium where she was awarded a scholarship along with a five year living grant, an enormous privilege for an up and coming artist from Australia.   Judith now works from her studio on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, painting for at least one major exhibition a year since 1991.

artists showcase

Crimson Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

“Still life has been my primary source of inspiration since the age of nine when I completed my first oil painting with my mother in her studio. To see how far and how detailed my paintings have become is the reason why I continue to paint still life.

Weekend Bouquet

Spring Unfolds

My aim is to create something new yet familiar that people can live with and look at with increasing pleasure – to capture the beauty of colour, not only in every object but also in the interaction between objects their shadows and the surrounding space.  For instance, the colours and textures of fruit, the reflections on a glass vase, tabletops catching the morning or afternoon light, cherries falling off the tablecloths.  I move forward in an unseen order, a rhythm and a surprise.

Musical Melody Bouquet

My art merges the imagination with the traditional. I get inspiration from modern day homeware stores and the classic painters for their stunning use of lively contrast between a dark background and vibrant colour in the foreground. To achieve this mix I use the consistency and texture of oils. They have always been my preferred medium and work well with incorporating the music sheets onto the canvas and integrating them into the painting.

Memories of Summer

As a still-life artist I like to be in control yet contrary to most I don’t work from life. I create still-life set-ups as I go. Each painting is worked and sustained over an extended period. I don’t follow any one path. In the beginning I intuitively create a linear structure with convincing representations of actual objects and respond to it in the moment. I place the music sheets as well as the abstract arrangements of light, shape and colour. I choose to include objects which we encounter daily like a sensational bottle of shiraz or a bowl of sweet cherries. The objects have no specific narrative and the format varies.”

Still Life of Cherries

As from May 1st, all Judith’s paintings will be featured under “Exhibitions” on the gallery website.

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